terça-feira, 18 de maio de 2010

Notebook App!

Fantastic notebook application for all of you iphone and/or ipod touch lovers. Portuguese made this app is a brilliant way of put all your contacts, passwords, favorite restaurants, films to check, etc, all in one place and ready to go.

Buy this app and although you're not contributing to help UNICEF, CARITAS or ABRAÇO, you'll be contributing for the evolution of portuguese made software and therefore you'll be saving our economy!

Having said that,

Find out more in iMemorandum Notebook

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camilo disse...

After Pedro's power-marketing it only matter's to state that by buying (and rating high on the appstore) and by telling all your friends about this app, you will also be making a very smart, sexy and intelligent iPhone developer very happy.

By the way, did You know I'm buying furniture for my apartment and that takes money?

And did you know my girlfriend is pregnant with twins?

And that I need new glasses?

And that I'm eating sandwiches every lunch to spare money?

C'mon, why helping hobos on the street when you can help someone who takes a shower every day? Buy iMemorandum Notebook.

For the children.

Note: Not all of the above is true. There is one thing not so true. But I kind of need the cash anyway. And the ratings.