quarta-feira, 17 de março de 2010

Sound + Video 3rd Edition - Special Edition

From now on "Sound + Video" will be posted in English, so the English mates can also read something out of this brilliant blog :P

Today we have a very special edition, not because Mourinho is on it, not at all, but because the artists presented here today mean a lot to the music scene, in my perspective of course!

The Israeli rocker Asaf Avidan!

Some say that he is "the voice". Some say that he is the perfect son of Bob Dylan and Janis Joplin, well, I say: Asaf Avidan is the shit! The real deal, a new generation idol! To much? Maybe, but the guy has the potential, definitely!

This acoustic version can show us what his voice and heart can do in a live concert. What doesn't happen 100% in the album in this particularly track, it looks a bit more soft I must confess.
Anyway, he was able to mix the album with some rock, folk rock, a bit of pop/rock here and there and his rough voice combined with the guitar riffs and also with the so famous harmonica, which I see it as awesome!

Enjoy, it's really good. Hard album to download though, but worth to try!

My favourite song Devil's Dance!

Stay with the acoustic version of Her Lies.

Next I present you with a documentary, a fantastic one. The blessed soul capture of three virtuosos, what else can I say about a rock'n roll documentary in which three guitar legends describes their own musical rebellion?

It Might Get Loud presents The Edge, Jimmy Page and Jack White, each one from a different generation, each one with it's own perspective, each one with it's own reality, each one brilliant!

This one you can't miss, even if it gets really loud!

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JNF disse...

Do we have to comment in English too?

Isto agora está feito prós cámones... mau... :)

Little Vinnie disse...


Isso já é à escolha... :) A lista de amiguinhos britânicos de Facebook está a crescer e assim, caso eles por cá passem, fica o docinho :)

E quanto ao post, já comentavas já... Bem sei que para ti tudo o que não seja UHF e António Manuel Ribeiro é complicado de ouvir, mas vale a pena tentar garanto. Grande músico e grande documentário...

JNF disse...

Também gosto do Maestro Vitorino d'Almeida :-P

Pain disse...

"so ploligote" xD