quarta-feira, 14 de setembro de 2011

Champions League Facts and Stats!

1. Ajax have the youngest squad of all 32 teams. Average age is just 23.61-years-old.
2. Lyon have the second youngest squad with an average age of 24.
3. AC Milan are the oldest squad in the competition with an average age just under 30-years-old.
4. Chelsea’s squad boast the most Champions League experience with players averaging 35.17 matches each. AC Milan are second with 33.76 games per player.
5. Spain, as a nation, boasts the highest concentration of players in this year’s competition with 81 nationals involved.
6. France provides the second biggest bloc of players with 77 countrymen, while Brazil are third with 69.
7. Marseille have the least gelled squad in the competition with their players averaging just 1.5 years at the club to-date.
8. CSKA Moscow have the most stable team as their players have been on the club’s books for 3.76 seasons on average.
9. Barcelona have the shortest squad in the competition with an average height of 178.53 cm per player.
10. Players from 68 nations will compete in the Champions League.

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